Thursday, November 11, 2010


hello, california.
it's nice to see you :)



Lila said...

oh my gosh jessica, i didn't know you were keeping your blog again. :) i can't wait to blog stalk you and see what's happening in your life (since i'm not on fb anymore - thankfully). I love you and miss you and your nephew ... ADORABLE!!!! :) xoxo I'll be in cali dec 7-14 (haven't read if you're visiting or staying awhile). eek! i love you beautiful.

jessica marie said...

LILA!!! you have NO NO NO idea how excited I am to see your wonderful comment!! Literally JUST made my day!
Yes, I am trying to faithfully write in this here blog waaaayy more often! So much to catch you up on!! I am staying for a little while here in Santa Monica, but will be in Destin, FL for Thanksgiving! I will be back after that, soooometime! Maybe even while you're here!! How exciting!

i love you so so much and kiss that baby boys head of yours for me. although i've never met him, he's a little nugget! I bet he's SO BIG!


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