Sunday, October 31, 2010


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(from: Scoutie Girl , by Aaron Feaver )


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


While searching for my halloween costume
 (or more so, to get ANY ideas..) I came across this:

get it here: pretty good things.


But seriously, where OH where can I find these???

I need them for my costume. 
And maybe to wear just because..

like her:


Simon and Ruby Holiday Collection 2010: Continued..


Goslings got me, so what??


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Introducing: SimonandRuby Holiday Collection 2010

Here are a few more promised photos
 from the Simon and Ruby Holiday Collection 2010 LookBook!


Model: Jessica Marie Lewis
Wardrobe: Bridget Murphy, Jessica Marie Lewis, Closet Case Vintage
Makeup: Giovanni Diaz
Hair: Jessica Marie Lewis
Jewelry: Simon and Ruby

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


While reminiscing of my youth, I dimly, but happily recalled 
some tunes that I remember bounced off the walls of my brain
 and opened my mind to a whole new level of sound.

So simple, but yet significant. 
Here are just some of those tunes.

More to come!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunshine, Oh Sunshine, If you don't know why you shine..

You've got to go into the sun.

Still missin' you.
Like the sun misses the moon.

My dear Chad. You float though me. Around me. With me. Every . day.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maria, Maria...

Today I was supposed to get a move on packing my things... to ya know, well, move.
Things fell through with those plans, and tomorrow I shall tackle that tedious chore.

After waking & raising the windows, the breeze flowing inside was that of when I was younger
and we'd help my mom clean the house (every Sunday , in fact).

J and I began deep cleaning every square inch of his room...AND closet.
(you do NOT wanna know what all was piled high in there! haha)

This is the result of more than a few hours of cleaning my boys simple but very sentimental room.
(and yes, it's still a "mans man" kind of room at the same time ha!)

Through out the day, it became very very clear to me.
Each day I learn so much more about this man I love.
He is honestly the most genuine and humble being I have ever encountered.

Carefully placed around his room are photographs of the people he holds dear to his heart.
Family , friends, us.
It's always the photos of his mother that touch me deeply...

Having lost his mother at a very young age, I see her shine through his eyes and that smile, especially whenever he speaks of her.

He helps keep me from breaking down, making me a stronger person.

Her name is Maria.

This is one of my favorite photos:
( and the only one he has of him when he was younger).

Although, I only know her through memories, I thank Maria every single day for giving birth to such a beautiful human being; filling his heart with so much love for others.
As well as for me.

Today was a wonderful day indeed.


Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie


I really, really , love this.


Monday, October 11, 2010

SimonandRuby Holiday Collection 2010: SNEAK PEAK!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take part in a shoot with my dear friend Lindsay Farrer, mastermind & creative genius of SimonandRuby jewelry designs!

The shoot is for her upcoming Holiday Collection!
With delicate planning and perfect timing, it was one of the most fun (and quick!) shoots I've ever been a part of!

Hope you guys enjoy these preview photos. You can buy her carefully handcrafted pieces here.

More to come!!


* photos:
LBFARRER photography, Hair- self, MU- Giovanni Diaz , Clothing- Bridget Murphy , SimonandRuby Jewelry

Saturday, October 9, 2010

SimonandRuby Holiday Collection 2010: SNEAK PEAK!



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

role reversal.

My previous post had me behind the camera-- which for the most part, is where I've always felt most comfortable.

I will say , however, that it truly is fun getting all dolled up by someone else, and stepping on the opposite side of the lense.

Photo: Melanie Shelley

Photo: Self
H&M: Self

Photos: AM Photography
Hair: self
Makeup: self
Plain Jane Clothing

Halloween 2009
Myself & Jordan Byers
Hair & Makeup: Ourselves

Now, I'm just gonna dive into as many random projects as I can.

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