Thursday, November 4, 2010

everybody's doing a brand new dance , nooow...


Tennessee skies= :)

       Pit stop to browse through the November issue of NYLON,
 (the special AMERICA issue)
where I just kept smiling while reading about all of my buds; 
 Nashville's own little bouquet of creatively talented people. 


         Check it out!


               Also, one of my favorite 'zines, TOKION, now known as Factory.


..where I came across a spread illustrated by 
niky roehreke, whose work I adore.


          Another pitstop was made in search of the perfect sweater,
          and boy oh boy, am I regretting NOT purchasing this cozy little gem.

         I found myself at ROSS. Yes, ROSS- dress for less.
         And low and behold my long lost COMBAT BOOTS!
         They're much cheaper, too!
[although originally only $60, I paid $22!]


On my outing today, I also purchased a few more fun things:
- A cream sweater from goodwill
- Black lace thigh high stockings
- a travel luggage i.d.
- a while floral flask!
-cheetah falsie nails (SO FUN)
- Marine Blue Nail Laquer 
- my trusty november issue of NYLON & combats 

            I'll continue my boot hunt while on the west coast, but for now, these will do :)


Becca. said...

gorgeous boots!!


Katie said...

The combat boots look awesome! :)

Vicki said...

awesome photos. love nylon :) x

Kate said...

Thank you thank you pretty. I was just reading my nylon. My friends band was suppose to be in the Nashville section, they didn't make it. Oh well.

CavalierenNOIR said...


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