Wednesday, August 25, 2010

growing space.


after over a year of on-again, off-again reading, I finally finished Eat, Pray, Love. [ see July 14th post]

This deserves at the very least, a hoooorrraayy !! About time, slow poke!

Reading used to be one of my all-time favorite pastimes. I'd even go as far as to say books

were officially my first, true love.

I remember being young , and my mama taking me to the library, where I would stock up on books for the summer. I'd breeze through them, sometimes even reading a whole book in one day! (Which at the time was considered quite an accomplishment in my mind)

I would lay on our front porch swing, as she read stories to my brother and I. Swinging back and forth, her playing with my hair, wind blowing on our faces.

We'd ask questions, and take on those characters , real or make believe. Believing the words on the pages were genuine and true.

One thing is certain:

All the women in our family are book whores.

This love still remains, although I have been oh-so-guilty of starting many, then drifting off into every day routines, being "too busy", forgetting to let my mind drift into these imaginative places.

For a long while they've sat there, collecting dust. Hoping one day I'd pick them up again, to finish them, through and through.

Often I'd pick em up again, to really honestly make an effort to finish them.

But the alarm would sound and off I go to complete the days duties.

Forgetting, once again, that neverneverland of sorts; those endless streams of letters and words making up the greatest escape of all.

Two books I have recently purchased that I am beyond excited about are both seemingly enlightening and hopeful reads.

The first, recommended to me by my dear friend Brittney, after she posted this quote from the book: ( which I instantly fell in love with)

"but, like ivy, we grow where there is room for us.."

No One Belongs Here More Than You

by Miranda July

The second book, I stumbled upon while reading the latest Nylon.

This one I have just began reading and already have laughed approximately 6 times. I'm only on page 12.

Everything Is Going to Be Great

[an underfunded and overexposed european grand tour]

by Rachel Shukert

I also went a bit "wild" as they say, in the Travel section at the local Books-A-Million.

I've been saying for a long while now how I'd love to learn both spanish and french and

well, quite frankly, why the hell not start now. On my own.

I've looked into a few classes that I may start taking, as well as investing into that fancy Rosetta Stone thingy (after I sell an arm and a leg).

For now I'll test my own vague remembrance of high schools Spanish I & II.

As for french, with no one as of yet to correct my every annunciation mistake, this could get interesting. (And a bit breathy and non-romantic.)

Please wish me (if nothing at all but) luck

and keep the snickers at a minimum if you happen to hear me practicing aloud in your presence.

au revior ma amours!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've been contemplating anything and everything new the past year and probably more-so the past few months.

Because it all seems to be a bit like a tornado twirling round my head as of late, let's just start with the simple stuff.

While feeling stagnant, overwhelmed, and frustrated all in one day,
I decided to shut my mind, and just start cleaning.

Surprisingly, it helped.


five hours later, not so bad.

now what?

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