Monday, November 29, 2010

giving thanks : from the gulf coast!


I apologize for my lack of posts! I've been a very busy travelin' lady :)
[just how I like it!]

J and I headed down to the gulf coast last week for a nice holiday break in Destin, FL.
We got to go to this incredible back yard party with tons of home-made food, desserts, FREE DRINKS, a fire {which took all night to get started due to damp wood!}
a saxaphone player, etc!!

It seems although its been quite sometime since I've actually been sick, the day we arrived I had caught what I thought I had cured J of previously in the week. But hey, I was at the OCEAN! WHO CARES!
We walked down to the beach and played for a bit. That air is somethin' different ;)

I fear I'm hating the idea of being landlocked more and more and more and mooooore.

Anywho, J's dad (who, along with J's stepmother, help with the cleanup efforts along the gulf coast) met us down there one day and actually found some tar balls within 10 minutes. 
There's still pounds and pounds of oil /tar balls washing up. So so sad.

The next night, his parents hosted a mini dinner party with (yes more free alcohol of which I did not partake...instead chugged 10 BOTTLES OF WATER!) 

and you got it right...ENDLESS KARAOKE!

I'll let the photos explain themselves. Just wanted to do a little bit more of an intimate update this round.

Hope all have a very happy thanksgiving. I am forever thankful for the many blessings in my life, that continue to bless, each and every day.

Now, to chug more green tea & take a nap.

Monday, November 22, 2010

vitamin D.

livin' the teenage dream:


...more to come...
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