Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the quiet girl, in the back of the temple.

after many many failed attempts, we got our video chat to work!!

this has rejuvenated my soul. :)

I have been reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert for over a year & a half or so now..having started it way back when I was dealing with all sorts of emotions and loss.

to dropping it.
then picking it up again.
to now, sticking to it, until I am finally finished.
I particularly enjoy this one quote , " Your treasure--your perfection--is within you already. But to claim it, you must leave the busy commotion of the mind and abandon the desires of the ego and enter into the silence of the heart."

this is what I'm learning to do.

today I spent the day with my parents, wrote letters to my dearies that are miles and miles away, & reorganized my life. ( or really, just unpacked my bags....for now that is)

Now, Becky is coming up to see ME!! I am beyond excited. It seems it's harder when you grow up to hang and stuff...that part sucks. but knowing we are all still the same , and have the same hearts...that's what matters..

at the end of the day atleast.


1 comment:

Simon and Ruby said...

I'm so glad you're writing! Oh, and by the way, I love love love your photos!

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