Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Florida Forever.

last week i was able to take a much needed , long awaited vacation through florida with some of my favorite people.

through georgia, we started the trip off with a stay in Lake City, FL.
9 hours down, we arrived just in time for the hotel's social hour, we mingled, and sipped on free beverages, ALL poolside.

from there, we drove 3 hours south, to Orlando, FL.

thanks to my parents, we were able to stay in some of the nicest resorts for FREE!
(thanks mama and daddy!)

during our stay in Orlando, we went swimming, indulged ourselves in great random conversation, rediscovered our "inner child" at Universal Studios & Islands of Adventures...

and YES, we par-took in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

mid-week we drove to daytona beach, where we played and tackled the waves.
my nephew , parents , & grandmother joined up with us, making this day perfection!

on up the road 2 hours,we went to explore one of THE oldest towns in the U.S., St. Augustine!
this city is one of my absolute favorites!

i'll let the photos explain themselves. there are more to come, my friends...

needless to say, i did not wanna leave. but the road is open & my heart is answering its call.


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