Thursday, January 6, 2011

refreshers//growing with the flow.


some random happenings from the past week or two:
lots & LOTS of family time, which i sincerely need. I feel I had missed out on so much the past 4 years...
being woken up by my nephew is my absolute FAVORITE thing ever.
becky just left after spending ten days here at home. i already miss her terribly! :(
miranda arrives tomorrow evening though ! :)

also happening lately: organizing, sorting, rearranging, planning, planning planning!!
I've got a wonderfully peaceful feeling about this year. I'm ready for it.

this is my time to finally focus on myself for a change. 
also, giving back // paying it forward
letting go completely of those petty little differences, any remaining bitterness, and moving onward.

I'm remembering that we all need to take a step back from every situation and just breathe. 
realize that you are alive.

is it really worth getting all worked up or even truly upset over those little trivial matters?
my main focus is to teach myself it's okay to be happy!!
and learn that everything else will fall into it's place.
you can't worry yourself to death in attempts to heal those around you. 
instead, by simply being the best version and continuing to grow, pay attention, learn, listen, have grace, be patient, have compassion and just be;
you will be an all over way better person for every single soul you come in contact with, I tell ya!

anywho, this was a random post and was mainly written to myself.
 to see it written (or typed even) in order 
to solidify my goals I guess :)

this is my goofy solute to everything that is american.

god bless ya's.

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