Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maria, Maria...

Today I was supposed to get a move on packing my things... to ya know, well, move.
Things fell through with those plans, and tomorrow I shall tackle that tedious chore.

After waking & raising the windows, the breeze flowing inside was that of when I was younger
and we'd help my mom clean the house (every Sunday , in fact).

J and I began deep cleaning every square inch of his room...AND closet.
(you do NOT wanna know what all was piled high in there! haha)

This is the result of more than a few hours of cleaning my boys simple but very sentimental room.
(and yes, it's still a "mans man" kind of room at the same time ha!)

Through out the day, it became very very clear to me.
Each day I learn so much more about this man I love.
He is honestly the most genuine and humble being I have ever encountered.

Carefully placed around his room are photographs of the people he holds dear to his heart.
Family , friends, us.
It's always the photos of his mother that touch me deeply...

Having lost his mother at a very young age, I see her shine through his eyes and that smile, especially whenever he speaks of her.

He helps keep me from breaking down, making me a stronger person.

Her name is Maria.

This is one of my favorite photos:
( and the only one he has of him when he was younger).

Although, I only know her through memories, I thank Maria every single day for giving birth to such a beautiful human being; filling his heart with so much love for others.
As well as for me.

Today was a wonderful day indeed.



Kate said...

beautiful post.


jessica marie said...

thank you so much!

Jessica Shaddix said...

This is the most heartfelt and beautiful thing I've read in awhile. You are definitely the perfect person for him, and I'm so happy that he found you!

jessica marie said...

That is very very sweet of you to say Jessica!!

I am the absolute luckiest gal. I am deeply touched to hear you say that!

I hope you and those beautiful kiddos of yours are doing well!!!

Carolyn said...

Tim and I prayed Josh would have someone in his life who would see him and know him...and you do.
You see all of him...and love him and no one could without seeing and loving his dear mother, Maria. I never had the privilage of meeting her. But, through these years I have come to know her and especially love her through Tim's great love,Josh,Zeb and Angie. Her presence is alway felt and appreciated. I know she is pleased with her children and who they have become. And,I know she would love you Jessica. For the first time we see Josh truly happy and content.
You are nourishment to the soul and uplifting to the spirit of our dear son. You are precious to us all for the love you have for Josh and the joy we see in his eyes.That was such a beautiful post. Thank you.

jessica marie said...

To sweet Carolyn,

I apologize for my delayed response!( I only get internet whenever I'm here at Josh & Zeb's!)
I must say, after reading your comment, I was filled with such honor, and joy!...and yes, joy-filled tears as well!!

I have never read something so beautiful and touching, and cannot thank you enough for your kind words!!!
I truly feel that you and Tim are my family , no matter the distance.

I, myself, have prayed and prayed for someone to love and love me well. Having known Josh, before ever dating, I was always drawn to him as a person--there was just something about him that I knew was special.

Your son is my entire world.
I thank God for blessing my life with such a genuine gracious, and humble-spirited man and I will protect that love for the rest of my life.

My graciousness doesn't end with that, but continues with a deep care and tender love for both you and Tim. Since our first meeting you both have opened not only your home to me, but your arms, and your love, as well.

I cannot thank you enough for that.

There is a certain peace and pure happiness in spending each day growing and knowing your son. Just when I think I couldn't possibly love him more, tomorrow happens, and I love him more than I ever have!!

For you to recognize that and see that, from this distance, means more to me than you will ever know.

So from the bottom of my heart, again, I thank you. And love you. And cherish anyone he has in his heart, for they are cherished as my own. :)

Cannot wait to see you both!

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